GoTYaThrones – S5E7 – The Gift

@Ayrryk and @CarmillaLusta talk Ollie still planning to kill Jon; Sansa and Theon, trust issues; Cersei getting that comeuppance, and Littlefinger playing all sides. The Game of Thrones Giveth and the Game of Thrones Taketh Away. #TheGift

3FifsPodcast – Us and Mister… Mr. Jones.

@LJay90 is back  so the whole crew is here to talk The Duggars, Mike Jones is a pimp, Malia Obama and The Cow to Cash Ratio, CNN singles out the only black biker, and anti-gay Pastor caught on Grindr.

3FifsPodca$t – Get Money

In this episode @ayrryk, @haaaymissatwell and @BreGetsTweets are all about the Tubmans. THey also look to diversify into non-thuggery with Biker Gangs; talk Jay Z and Tidal, and Obama on Twitter. All this Think Piece review.

GoT Ya Thrones – Season 5 Episode 6 – Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken


@Ayrryk and @CarmillaLusta discuss the latest episode of Game of Thrones including: The Room of Many Faces, Littlefinger’s Return to Kings Landing, and Sansa and Ramsay.

3FifsPodcast – Three Fourths Podcast


@HaaayMissAtwell, @BreGetsTweets and @Ayrryk play man down. We discuss the top stories of the week, blackness, and general ratchetry.

GoT Ya Thrones – Season 5 Episode 5 – Kill The Boy


@Ayrryk and @CarmillaLusta recap the 5th episode of Season 5 of Game of Thrones – Kill The Boy. We discuss dragon feeding habits, leading at the wall, and Essos Ebola.

3FifsPodcast: Age of Ashtron

@Ayrryk, @HaaayMissAtwell @BreGetsTweets and @Ljay90 discuss Fraternal Order of Police threatening a DA; Rick Santorum, the Feds taking over Texas, comic book and movie portrayals of women, and a bunch of dick…

GoT Ya Thrones – Season 5 Episode 4 – Sons of the Harpy


@Ayrryk @CarmillaLusta and maybe @Orc757 discuss the latest episode of Game of Thrones.