3FifsPodcast – Episode 11 Coonin’ Ain’t Easy

Ash, Eric, and Justin talk about Karen Cooper, the going rate for selling out the black race, racial free agency, Clarence Thomas and Scalia’s dissent to Marriage Equality, the lack of coverage of black churches burning, and Shia LeBARS is a biter, not a writer.

An Extra Fif Featuring Soha (@Sokareemie) – All Lives Matter The Videogame

Soha and Justin finally get together to talk about her work with Dames Making Games, Stream Friends, and video games.

Intro – Mae Jemison by Sammus

3FifsPodcast – Episode 10 Racism Swept Under The Rug

The Three Fifs crew discusses the time honored tradition of sweeping racism under the rug while battling the technical inadequacies of Spreecast.

GoT Ya Thrones – S5 Recap

Spreecast is the social video platform that connects people.

Check out GoTYaThrones Recap on Spreecast.

@Ayrryk and @CarmillaLusta recap the Game of Thrones Season and talk fan theories.

An Extra Fif featuring Eric (@Ayrryk) – Fuck Spirit

Three Fifs host Eric stops by to talk about his frustrations with Spirit Airlines, as well as the true history of the “Confederate” flag. Spoiler alert, it was never the Confederate Flag.

Intro – Mae Jemison by Sammus

An Extra Fif Featuring Lux (@AsiaElle) – Sweet, Sweet Tears

Lux joins Justin once again to talk E3 and the sweet, sweet tears of fanboys.

Intro – Mae Jemison by Sammus

An Extra Fif featuring Dpalm (@Dpalm66)

Dpalm stops by to talk SEC Football, NBA Finals, a little NFL and a little Secret Warriors! Check out Dude You Crazy for more from him!

Intro – Mae Jemison by Sammus

3FifsPodcast – Episode 9 #TransRacialLivesMatter

The Three Fifs crew take time out to recognize that #AllLivesMatter, even #TransRacial ones.

GoT Ya Thrones – Mother’s Mercy

@Ayrryk and @CarmillaLusta recap the last episode of season 5 of Game of Thrones. The Mother may be merciful. but the Nights Watch isn’t.

An Extra Fif featuring CC (@CarmillaLusta)

CC and Justin discuss various deadbeat and jackass dads in anime to get you in the Father’s Day spirit!

Intro – Mae Jemison by Sammus