Star Wars – Cold Ebla: Wedge-ing it up

@Ayrryk talks Star Wars as he recaps the EU and Canon story of Wedge Antilles and discusses some of the upcoming comic books and novels.

An Extra Fif feat Lux (@AsiaElle) and Monique (@TokenPsycho) – Heartbreak and Taken Kings

An Extra Fif is back! Lux and Monique join Justin to talk Taken King and heartbreaking cartoons and anime.

3FifsPodcast 19 – We Gon Be Alright

Join the full crew #ThreeFifsPod as they talk Katrina, Virginia, Plantation Mint Tea, and Gentrification.

Political Mixer – Abortion and Immigration Primer

Join @Ayrryk as he gives a quick primer on the 14 Amendment and Abortion facts and numbers.

3FifsPodcast Episode 18 – The Two Towers

Join @Ayrryk @HaaayMissAtwell & @LJay90 for discussion of Star Wars, misogyny, BLM, Straight Outa Compton, racism, and more!

Political Mixer – BLM Changes Policy

@Ayrryk covers Sanders, Rand, and O’Malley’s justice reform plans and recaps some of the weeks political news related to BLM this week.

3FifsPodcast Episode 17 – Through the Wired Jaw

Join @Ayrryk & @HaayMissAtwell for GOPDebate, Bernie Sanders, Geno Smith and more!

3FifsPodcast – Debate Special

Join @Ayrryk for a recap of the GOP Debate and thoughts on BlackLivesMatter and Bernie Sanders fans going at it again this weekend.

3FifsPodcast Episode 16 – Mr Lonely

@Ayrryk rolls solo and talks: Repub Debate, Bernie Sanders, Drake vs Meek and Abortion.

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