3FifsPodcast 24 – Foke On Da Crimna

    Join @Ayrryk @Ljay90 @HaaayMissAtwell & @BreGetsTweets as they talk Willie Wilson, Shea Butter, Destiny, Whiteness, & Agents of Shield.

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Review: S3E1 – Laws of Nature

We’re bringing back A Fif of E&J, our ReplyAll Reviews, for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We hope you enjoy!

3FifsPodcast 23 – Damn Kids

Join @Ayrryk @LJay90 @BreGetsTweets & @HaaayMissAtwell for Future, Pumpkin Spice,Emmys, Waka Flocka , BML Fake Crime, CJ Pearson and the children.

3FifsPodcast 22 – American Monarchy

@LJay90 & @Ayrryk discuss the Republican Debate, The Taken King, news and probably more Destiny.

3FifsPodcast 21 – Capt Save-A-Bigot

Listen to @Ayrryk @Ljay90 @HaaayMissAtwell & @BreGetsTweets talk Kim Davis, Mike Huckabee, Beyonce and more!

3FifsPodcast 20 – Frog Wives Matter

Join @Ljay90 @HaaayMissAtwell & @Ayrryk as they talk Ethics in Journalism, Muppets, #BLM, and MLK! Apologies for the audio issues we had some problems with recording and Spreecast so the opening is a little messy.