3FifsPodcast 28 – Tiny Black Adults

Join @BreGetsTweets @LJay90 @Ayrryk & @HaaayMissAtwell as they talk Spring Valley, Racism & Honesty in relationships.

3FifsPodcast 27 – Hymen Inspection Agency of America

Join @BreGetsTweets @HaaayMissAtwell & @Ayrryk as they talk Hymen Inspection, Privilege, Bill Cosby and BLACK JEDIIIIIIIIIII!!!

3FifsPodcast 26 – Let Me Pregnate You

Listen as @Ayrryk @LJay90 @HaaayMissAtwell & @BreGetsTweets talk MRAs, Abuse, Pregnation, and TI.

3FifsPodcast 25 – Three Fifs an Erection

@Ljay90 @HaaayMissAtwell @BreGetsTweets & @Ayrryk talk MRAs, Feminism, Bad Romcoms, Poop, and the Republican party in a wide ranging #ThreeFifsPod.