3FifsPodcast 38 – Dabbin on Flat Earth

Join Ash, Bre, Justin & Eric as they talk Flat Earth, Harassment, Cam Newton and Tanuki Dogs. Also thanks to everyone who shouted us out during #SupportBlackPodcasts we appreciate your support and are thankful for each listener! Also remember if you leave us a five star review on iTunes or Stitcher we will read it live on the air regardless of what it says. It’s a great way to support the show and raises our profile so we can grow our listener-ship!


An Extra Fif – Thumbstick Mafia Returns!

The ladies of Thumbstick Mafia return to look back at the games of 2015, look ahead to the games of 2016, as well as talk about what TV shows and movies they’re looking forward too.

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3FifsPodcast 37 – Hilla-RAMBE!

The whole crew is back talking Bernie Hillary Jada and Janet and Brunch! Join us and celebrate the fastest growing holiday and an exciting candidate for president! In all for Hilla-RAMBE!

Top 5 Steven Universe Songs: Ash’s List

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Hey Three Fifs fam!

I don’t have a Sh!t List post for this week, yet, but I still got a little somethin’ somethin’.

Justin and our friend Monique did a podcast on Steven Universe (WITHOUT ME) and during the show, they listed their five favorite diddies from the show. Since I wasn’t able to participate, I decided I’d do it here because that show is everything and so is its music. I included the videos because they influenced how I ranked each song. Anyway, here are my faves.

What I Can I Do for You?

As Justin and Monique noted in the ‘cast, this song is very sexy. The looks Greg and Rose shared wouldn’t be obvious to the kids but any adult that has been in a romantic relationship knows that look. Rose’s eyes were saying “heeey zaddy” and I was here for it. The song was reminiscent of every rock love ballad down to Greg’s guitar solo and Rainbow Quartz dancing like Tawny Kitean. Speaking of, Rainbow Quartz was sexy from the dance that created her to the death drop at the end of the song.

Theme Song (Extended Version)

I’ve always enjoyed the theme song because of its sheer cuteness but after the extended version of the show’s opening credits was released, it officially became a bop. The full song basically outlines what each crystal gem stands for. Garnet wants the ability to exist without disruption which is even more understandable after watching the latest Steven bomb. Amethyst never knew Home World so fighting for Earth is a turf war, Pearl’s motivation, of course, is Rose Quartz and Steven is picking up his mom’s torch. The extended credits also gave us our first look at Yellow Diamond’s loose necked ass.

The Answer Fusion Song

I love Ruby and Sapphire’s love. I’ve seen every episode featuring them at least three times. Justin said this song reminds him of his new parent feels but it reminds me of how I felt when I came to terms with my sexuality. This song illustrated how I felt when I first crushed on, fell in love with and did…stuff…with another woman. I could write a blog post about this alone.

Just a Comet

I love Greg’s corny 80s rock songs. This one is so great because this line right here:

“This life I chose isn’t easy

But sure is one heck of a ride”

Bruh, this me. It explains why I like this song so much.

Stronger Than You

Yea, I know its blasphemy for me to put this dead last but at least it’s on here, right? Aside from it being yet another Ruby-Sapphire thing to obsess over, it’s just plain dope considering Estelle is the one singing it. Not to mention, Garnet was talking mad shit to Jasper and I was completely here for it.

There ya have it, my faves. What are yours?

An Extra Fif – Film Making While Black feat @ShaylaRacquel

Director and Producer Shayla Racquel stops by to talk about her webseries Quarter Century and her short film Life’s Checklist.

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3FifsPodcast 36 – Nikki, Wu and Immigration Too

Join @Ayrryk @BreGetsTweets & @LJay90 as they talk SOTU, Nikki Haley, the Oscars, Assimilation, Integration, and sleeping with the entire Wu Tang Clan.

Link Dump:

Extra Fif – #DatUniverse feat @TokenPsycho

Monique from the Slacker Society and GaTSPOD stops by to nerd out over Steven Universe.Garnet Stronger Than You