3FifsPodcast – Behind the Scenes

Hey guys no new full show this week, but here is an abridged episode featuring some behind the scenes conversation before one of our shows. Also if you get a chance take  a look at the survey about street harassment on the site and consider taking it. We will be back next week, enjoy the show!

Fifs Fans: Street Harassment Survey


On Three Fifs, episode 40, we discussed women being physically violated by men. Breon and Ashleigh have shared some of their story but now, we want to hear from the fans.

Some responses may be read on the show but you can and will remain completely anonymous.

Extra Fif – Shock To The System


Justin reflects over what the works of Dwayne McDuffie meant to him in a quick kind of sort of not quite documentary. Special thanks to all who helped put this together, this was a very personal project for me and I’m forever grateful that you helped bring it to life.


3FifsPodcast 40 – Man and Wombman

Join the full crew as they talk about KDot and Beyonce, Hamilton, Noteps and Harassment.



3FifsPodcast 39 – Deadpool is for Lovers

Join @Ayrryk & @BreGetsTweets as they talk Deadpool, Scalia, Bernie and why your fav can’t just shut up.

An Extra Fif – Secret Wars feat. @Dpalm66

everything dies

Dpalm of DudeYouCrazy and the MTR Network joins us to talk about Jonathan Hickman’s amazing run leading up to Secret Wars.