Hip HoPolitics – Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is the J Cole of Politics. He’s always been on the edges, an independent you think you may have heard of before, with a loyal core group of fans who knew him when he was underground (a fact they are very proud of). Then suddenly he’s burst on to the mainstream scene. You didn’t quite understand it, but before you knew what happened they were one of the hottest tickets in town and were all over your TV and Radio. Now there’s no getting away from them. They’re doing what no one else before them has! Or so your friends tell you. And sure you don’t even understand how them reaching national stardom with no major backers is a big deal, but if everyone says it’s special it must be right? Besides it’s easier to go along with the narrative than go against it. Say too many cross words about either and the Cole Miners/BernieBros will be in your mentions decrying your love of the mainstream and reminding you that he’s leading a return to real grassroots ability. To a degree you even understand their point, but it seems like they mostly talk about the same thing over and over again. No matter the topic it always comes back to their one or two points of reference, but his fans eat it up so why wouldn’t he? In the end you aren’t sure if he has the staying power of more established artists, but who know maybe he’ll surprise you.