Hip HoPolitics – Donald Trump The Future of Politics

Donald Trump is the Future of Politics. Each is supported by a dedicated base of fans who relate to his emotional outbursts and take joy in his ability to say what they are thinking. Both are problematic, though pointing it out will bring down a torrent of rebuttals from his fans. “He tells it like it is!” “You would be angry too!” “He’s the voice of the people.” Despite all that you aren’t even sure if he’s any good. Sure you love his hits and he’s the best you’re getting at the moment, but let’s not forget that anyone with a little effort and a bunch of cash can sound just like him. He does have hits in his own right though. “If Young Metro don’t trust ya…” but all in all what does it add up to? An admission that he doesn’t live the lifestyle he portrays and a set of the thinnest skin money can buy. Don’t tell his hive that though. You’ll reap the whirlwind as they call you PC, a lame. He’s the voice of the people! Known for misogyny and being sued you have to wonder how this is something to aspire to. In the end they aren’t selling what they produce or even their personality. No what people are buying is a lifestyle. They’re buying freedom, being in charge, and doing and saying what they want. In the end they’re aspirational. Not that they inspire their fans to be more, but that their fans aspire to live the lurid and freewheeling life they project.