Hip HoPolitics – Glenn Beck the Kanye West of Politics


Glenn Beck is the Kanye West of American Politics. A loud and often self-important figure he has helped mold our modern discourse to a degree with which many are uncomfortable. Loved by those who share his paranoia, he is viewed as an unhinged annoyance by those outside of the bubble. A meteoric rise in the early 2000’s burst a brash figure onto the scene sending  a new vibe across the airwaves. In the same way as West, a streak of successes landed him on the biggest stages in his industry and then he hit his groove. The election of Barack Obama was the perfect platform for Glenn Beck, catapulting his breakup with the mainstream into a production of screaming tantrums and self loathing.What would follow Obama taking office on his radio and television show were his own Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Plots within plots, decades of progressive secret cabals and nefarious plans were laid bare on chalkboards and tears flowed freely. Not one to rest on his laurels, this effort was followed up with his own website and television station, a pioneering in many ways of mainstreaming independent media. Whether you think he’s an insincere asshole, an unhinged maniac, or the only voice of reason left, it is tough to deny the track record of success and controversy that chases after the would be king maker. A strong insurgent streak combined with deep self absorption cause both men to always throw rocks at the establishment and we see mirror portraits of an interesting man. A craving for acceptance warring with the intrinsic nature that bids him live outside the mainstream, always on the fringes commenting with derision of those inside while salivating over potential inclusion.  The proverbial fox and grapes fable come to life. Never wanting to repeat any phase of life, the only constants are reinvention, resurgence, and revolution. This great flux of jekyll and hyde proportions may not make for a very stable person and is no doubt exhausting for those in their inner sanctum, but no one can deny they both put on a great show for the rest of us.