Hip HoPolitics – Hillary Clinton the NIcki Minaj of Politics


Hillary Clinton is the Nicki Minaj of politics. Overwhelming name recognition accompanies a figure divisive inside and out of their own party. Sure she’s listed off a string of hits and is the most recognizable woman in her field, but there always seems to be another hill for her to overcome. Whether it’s people attacking her sexuality or accusing her of being insane she can’t catch a break in the public sphere. This wouldn’t be so bad except she can’t catch a break in her community either. You can get plenty to acknowledge she’s the most popular one doing what she does but what she does is what divides them. Some say she’s all flash and no substance. Others point to her success as proof unto itself. The fact that a man doing what she does would never be called out the same way goes without saying. The unspoken fact is that no man would HAVE to do what she does to in order to maintain relevance and popularity. In the end it’s probably not for the present day to judge her meaning and impact. She’s become a staple, but history will decide her role in the party annals. Whether that’s as one of the greatest to do it; one of the greatest women; or a pandering exploitation of style over substance is something no one will be object enough to decide for years to come.