3FifsPodcast 74 – Gentrified Oppression

This week @Ljay90 and @HaaayMissAtwell talk about Gentrified Activism, John Lewis, Getting Curved, and what it truly means to be “Carefree”.

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  • Djfoodanddrink

    Got put on to yall bout a month ago. I’ve enjoyed this podcast so far. But this episode spoke to my soul!

    As a person bawne and raised in Atlanta (specifically Decatur/Avondale Estates), listening to the evisceration of ole shawty’s blind argument of what “carefree black” had me smiling. I started really listening to music around the beginning of Dungeon Family and the tail end of Kilo Ali. If THOSE negros weren’t carefree then the definition is AWWWLLL WRONG.

    Keep up the good work. You guys have gained a fan for life. Or until the White People’s president ends us all.