Three Fifs God – A Murder of Gods

This episode we recap Ep. 6 and discuss Vulcan, Mexican Jesus, and what makes a god.

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  • Rai

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciated listening to your recaps of “American Gods”. I was listening to another podcast that covered the show and first they really don’t seem to like the show. But beyond that their conversation around the ‘coming to america’ scene in this episode was super problematic. They were talking about how misunderstood the anti-immigration, pro-borderwall, xenophobic, racist, “Make America Great Again” crowd is and how one-dimensional this portrayal is. The whole episode is rich with things to discuss but they instantly went into #Notallwhitepeople mode.

    Thanks for your podcast and the perspectives you bring on the show. I also can’t stand “dead wife”. But mostly I can’t wait to listen to your recaps next season.