GoT Ya Thrones – Season 7 Episode 1 Dragonstone Recap

Welcome back to another seasons of Got Ya Thrones, a Game of Thrones Recap show hosted by the Three Fifs Network.


Our recap squad today is a bit of the old and the new:


Carmilla Lusta aka CC; of House Dracula. First of her Name, Queen of Undead, Ruler of the Dark Realm Priestess of R’hollor
Alex Of Tarth;  See-er of truth, Protector of her own Kingdom.
Anastasia; of House Mafia – First of her name. Queen of Empathy and Death, Asura of Impatience, Lover of the Light and the Darkness.
Lord Mike Tré the Alchemist Forger of worlds, Craftsman of Light and Darkness.


Dragonstone is the name of the episode and a huge focal point for the beginning of the season. We talk Dany’s home-coming, Arya, the Herald of Winter, Sam having the worst internship but the best attitude about getting things done and much more!


Question for the listeners from Alex:  If you had to choose to be a white walker or a human which would you choose with all of the facts we have now?


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