GoT Ya Thrones – Season 7 Episode 2 Stormborne Recap

Welcome back to another seasons of Got Ya Thrones, a Game of Thrones Recap show hosted by the Three Fifs Network.


Our recap squad this week:


Carmilla Lusta aka CC; of House Dracula. First of her Name, Queen of Undead, Ruler of the Dark Realm Priestess of R’hollor
Alex Of Tarth;  See-er of truth, Protector of her own Kingdom.
Anastasia; of House Mafia – First of her name. Queen of Empathy and Death, Asura of Impatience, Lover of the Light and the Darkness.


This week’s episode Stormborne leaves us with a lot of ground to cover with editing that really snatched our edges. Why is Jorah still trying to get a text back? Will Sansa be a good substitute Warden of the North in Jon’s absence?


We talk Dany’s bad decisions, Euron flexing, character development and growth as well as our theories on Missandei’s corrected translation of the prophecy.  

Does everyone seem to hate the character you love the most? Tell us who you got and why! We want to hear from you.


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