Thumbstick Mafia Podcast Season 2 Episode 7 – Lyin A** Pollsters

We are joined by Special Guest; Undrea of Simply Undrea | an experienced streamer and content creator as well as Brand Ambassador and Community Manager.


#SupportSmallerStreamers and Lying Pollsters

On Twitter, Seek3r created a Twitter poll asking if streamers if they used #supportsmallerstreamers and how they used it. The results from the poll were as followed:

We share our thoughts on the hashtag and why we think some folks aren’t being honest with their answers. How can we get better if you lyin’? In addition, we talk about how we found each other and other streamers.


How to Grow Your Twitch Channel?

Undrea reveals the nitty-gritty on growing your Twitch Channel.


Charting Growth

Tracking your growth is very important. Checking all of your numbers can help you figure out if the marketing strategies you are implementing  work or not. Undrea advises on how to brand your bitly links and Sharky talks about how she was team Fuck Facebook and how that bit her in the butt when it came to Instagram analytics.


Branding and Re-Branding

Often we hear how important your brand is. When it comes to streaming, most are only aware of the visual aspects of branding, i.e. making sure your logo, panels and overlays match. In reality, proper branding is more than the visual and we discuss how your vision should impact branding which will impact your sponsors.


Proper Way to Network In the Gaming Industry

Undrea shares how she networks on Twitch and  within the gaming industry. Hint: It’s more than just going to an event and passing out your business cards to everyone. Connections matter so making authentic connections with those you feel good about is a major key. Also, we talk about elevator pitches and why you should have one for your Twitch channel.


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