GoT Ya Thrones Season 7 Episode 4 – The Spoils Of War

Welcome back to another seasons of Got Ya Thrones, a Game of Thrones Recap show hosted by the Three Fifs Network.


This week we have a new dope round table member. Brianne from: A Blog Has No Name , a blog dedicated to Game of Thrones reviews.


Our full round table:


Carmilla Lusta aka CC; of House Dracula. First of her Name, Queen of Undead, Ruler of the Dark Realm Priestess of R’hollor
Alex Of Tarth;  See-er of truth, Protector of her own Kingdom.
Anastasia; of House Mafia – First of her name. Queen of Empathy and Death, Lover of the Light and the Darkness.

Brianna: Sansa Snark of House Snark. Lover of petty.


The Spoils of War was definitely an apt name for this amazingly well written episode. This week, we discuss the Sallie Mae of Westeros and them reclaiming their coin from Cersei, the reunion of the living Stark Kids and the Three Eyed Raven – presently claiming the body formally known as Bran Stark. We also share our theories on House Targaryen, predictions for who will next episode will claim and season projections.


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