3FifsPodcast 96 – The Tears Of Nazis

The Three Fifs Podcast will be taking a hiatus for the next few weeks! Thumbstick Mafia and GoT Ya Thrones will still run but the main show is taking a break.

The Three Fifs crew comes together to discuss the nazi rally, how toxic masculinity relates to white supremacy, and how the coddling of white feelings is a tradition as American as apple pie. We also show the link between the Google Manifesto Bro, PewDiePie, and White Nationalism. We hope you enjoy the show!

Trump blows up damage control as he blames ‘both sides’ for Charlottesville
Charlottesville Rally Leader Is Towson U Grad; ‘Far Worse’ Since College
White Student Union Proposed At Towson University By Matthew Heimbach Sparks Controversy
Here Are the Citations for the Anti-Diversity Manifesto Circulating at Google
Heimbach, who started ‘White Student Union’ at Towson, involved in shoving black protesters at Trump rally
The Downfall Of YouTube’s Biggest Star Is A Symptom Of A Bigger Illness
A Google employee was fired after blaming biology for tech’s gender gap — but the science shows he’s wrong
The Most Beautifullest Thing in This World Is This Scared White Boy Stripping Off His White Supremacist Uniform

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