Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 Recap – Beyond The Wall

Welcome back to another seasons of Got Ya Thrones, a Game of Thrones Recap show hosted by the Three Fifs Network.


Our full round table this episode is all black women – we have banished the men – we are one down today – Brianna but she should be back with us next week for the finale!


Carmilla Lusta aka CC; of House Dracula. First of her Name, Queen of Undead, Ruler of the Dark Realm Priestess of R’hollor
Alex Of Tarth;  See-er of truth, Protector of her own Kingdom.
Anastasia; of House Mafia – First of her name. Queen of Empathy and Death, Lover of the Light and the Darkness.


This is Season 7, episode 6 of Game of Thrones: Beyond the Wall.


Everything terrible we thought would happen on that excursion beyond the wall, did – and our collective blood pressure went up 5 points this week. Jon is back to making Stark ass decisions and getting everyone dead, including a dragon and almost himself (again) while he gets rescued (again). Arya is slowly poking through Sansa’s mask and Littlefinger seems to continue being a fixture at Winterfell. Tormund’s love of Brienne makes us smile as well as his jokes and North has the best Track and fielders in the game.


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