3FifsPodcast 97 – Methdega

The Three Fifs Podcast is back from our hiatus! We discuss how Cardi B being the quintessential American Success Story, as well as the upcoming futility of the Medicare For All vote. Also, we take a look at the tragic death of Kenneka Jenkins and why we’ll never know what actually happened due to the history of the police ignoring the deaths of black women. We also talk about Jemele Hill saying that Donald Trump is a white supremacist and subsequent fallout, and the gentrification of bodegas. We hope you enjoy the show!

Articles for the show:

Conyers: Medicare for All’s time has come

Veteran Congressman Still Pushing for Reparations in a Divided America

White House: ESPN’s Jemele Hill should be fired for calling Trump a ‘white supremacist’

Kenneka Jenkins found dead inside hotel’s walk-in freezer

Two Ex-Googlers Want To Make Bodegas And Mom-And-Pop Corner Stores Obsolete

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