An Extra Fif – The Problem with Nola Darling feat Junie and Carol

Extra Fifs are extra shows that don’t necessarily fit into the main Three Fifs Podcast. You can expect interviews with dope people doing dope things, such as film makers, story tellers, podcasters, or local sheroes making a difference. You can also expect the random musings of your host, Justin and a guest panel on anything from underrated anime, comic books, sports, games, or just life in general.

Today, our guests are Junie [@toosoonjunes] and Carol[@CarolHenny], and we discuss Nola Darling’s characterization in Netflix’s “She’s Gotta Have It”. We also talk about Sula, and take some time to laugh at Omarosa being fired by Trump a. We hope you enjoy the show!


Junie is the cofounder of the Not Quite Millionaires blog, one of the premiere hip hop & r&b entertainment based websites currently on the rise. As seen on Rap Radar, You Heard That New, OnSmash and others!

Carol H Hood is an award winning writer, aspiring novelist and comic writer whose work can be found in Dame, The Establishment, The Frisky, Everyday Feminism, Gawker, Huffington Post and more


  • Lorde Darkseid

    I totally approve. Good job y’all!!