An Extra Fif – Masterpiece Ally Theater feat Beverly Gooden

Extra Fifs are extra shows that don’t necessarily fit into the main Three Fifs Podcast. You can expect interviews with dope people doing dope things, such as film makers, story tellers, podcasters, or local sheroes making a difference. You can also expect the random musings of your host, Justin and a guest panel on anything from underrated anime, comic books, sports, games, or just life in general.

Today, our guest is Beverly Gooden. She is an American social activist and speaker, known for her writing on relationship dynamics, victimology, and women’s health. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, the U.S. Office on Women’s Health, and NBC’s TODAY. We discuss sexual harassment and violence against women, the election of Alabama, and what it really means to empower black women. There’s also a brief discussion about ghost accounts and having high visibility on social media. We hope you enjoy the show!