Junie and Meegan’s Super Dope Extravaganza Take 3 – Molded Orange Poop

Junie and Meegan are hosting a new experimental show for the Three Fifs Network where they’ll bring your their unique views on pop culture, politics, and everything in between. If you’d like to tweet along with the show, use the hashtag #SDAFPod. You can send your emails to junieandmeegan@gmail.com!

Junie and Meegan are super dope af! Today’s episode they debate who was better, N*Sync or Backstreet Boys! They also try to figure out where Justin Timberlake went wrong in his career and his horrible Super Bowl performance as well as the people in Philly eating horse poop. Finally, Junie and Meegan give you the weekly Trump report about his radio silence on the stock market crash as well as the Tyrese Watch.

Meegan – twitter.com/carolhenny

Junie – twitter.com/toosoonjunes