GoTYaThrones Season 6 Episode 10

It’s another full house as @ShantaFabulous & @asiaelle join @carmillalusta and @ayrryk for the last episode recap of season 6 of #GoTYaThrones. Listen as the cover the whole firey episode. Also submit your questions and theories on #GoTYaThrones for them to cover on the recap show next week!

GoTYaThrones Season 6 Episode 9

This week #GoTYaThrones is joined by @asiaelle & @shantafabulous to do a Ladies Night recap of Episode 9.

GoTYaThrones Season 6 Episode 8

#GoTYaThrones @Ayrryk & @CarmillaLusta talk the return of Dany, The Hounds new shoes, and Tommen being a bigger punk than usual.

GoTYaThrones Season 6 Episode 5

@CarmillaLusta & @Ayrryk discuss Hold the Door, The White Walkers Birth, Sansa telling off Littlefinger, and Tyrion making an alliance with the Red Religion.

GotYaThrones – Season 6 Episode 4

@Asiaelle @CarmillaLusta & @Ayrryk talk Dany listening to Lemonade, Creepy High Sparrow, Jon and Sansa reuniting and the Ironborn’s lack of tact.

GoTYaThrones – Season 6 Episode 3

Join @CarmillaLusta @Ayrryk @ @asiaelle as they recap Jon Byke, AriaDevil, the Tower of Joy and end the show with some spoiler talk after the sign off.

GotYaThrones – Season 6 Episode 2

@CarmillaLusta & @Ayrryk talk Jon Reborn, AryaDevil, Tommen the Weak, and Patricide/Fratricide as they recap Season 6 Episode 2.

GotYaThrones – Season 6 Episode 1

Join @Ayrryk & @CarmillaLusta as they revive GoTYaThrones for another season to recap Episode 1 of Season 6.

GoT Ya Thrones – S5 Recap

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@Ayrryk and @CarmillaLusta recap the Game of Thrones Season and talk fan theories.

GoT Ya Thrones – Mother’s Mercy

@Ayrryk and @CarmillaLusta recap the last episode of season 5 of Game of Thrones. The Mother may be merciful. but the Nights Watch isn’t.