An Extra Fif – Class and Gaming

Sharky talks with her friend AB about the realities of Class and Gaming.

An Extra Fif – Sheroes! feat @JoyousVibez

Breon’s Shero, Joy, stops by to talk about her work around Houston including Lesbians Of Color and Artworthy.

Lesbians Of Color:

An Extra Fif – Cosplaying Around feat @LunaBeanCosplay

Luna Bean stops by to talk about her cosplay journey!


An Extra Fif – Coins 2 Conversate feat @PikaChuLita

Katie from the Coins 2 Continue podcast stops by to talk about gaming, podcasting, and streaming!

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Coins 2 Continue on Twitter:
Coins 2 Continue website:

An Extra Fif – Fresh Out Of Tokens feat @Cypheroftyr

Tanya from Fresh Out Of Tokens and I Need Diverse Games stops by to talk about literally everything. But mainly GDC, podcasting, I Need Diverse Games, and of course video games.

I Need Diverse Games GoFundMe:
I Need Diverse Games:
Tanya On Twitter:
Fresh Out Of Tokens:

An Extra Fif – Lemonade with Steph feat @Steph_I_Will

Steph from The Lemonade Show and Misty Knight’s Uninformed Afro stops by to talk about her podcasts, comics, and ashy-ness.

Steph on Twitter:
The Lemonade Show Patreon:
The Lemonade Show:
Misty Knight’s Uniformed Afro:

An Extra Fif – Black Girl Joi

Joi returns to talk about life, new ventures, I Am Not Your Negro, and Black Girl Joy.

An Extra Fif – Tea With Queen And J

Queen and J from Tea With Queen and J stop by to talk about their podcast, being unapologetic and carefree, and why gentrification hurts so much. You can find Tea With Queen and J on iTunes or your podcast catcher of choice.

An Extra Fif – Riverment Redux

Shayla stops by again to talk about her film Riverment, being a videographer, and Oscar season.

Be sure to support Riverment by going to for information on the upcoming panel “Bridging The Gap Between Black Freedom Movements” as well as information on how to donate to the film.

An Extra Fif – The Vorce feat @Bevtgooden

Bev Gooden of The Vorce Podcast stops by to talk about her advocacy work, #WhyIStayed, The Bolt Bag project, and her podcast The Vorce. You can find The Vorce on iTunes, Google Play, or your podcast player of choice by searching “The Vorce”

Bev Gooden – @Bevtgooden