Thumbstick Mafia Podcast Season 2 Episode 4 – Managing and Repurposing Content

We’re back and we’re always here with the hotness so, without further delays, we present – #TMPod S2E4 – Managing and Repurposing Content. Another week of @sharkyshood and @chasinglux covering a bit more of the business end of things.

This is a continuation of our Series that has been covering the back end business of content creation and broadcasting. Not caught up? No worries, you’re only three episodes behind. You can catch up here: Season 2

Managing your Content:

Your content is whatever you’re creating – whether it’s a live stream, podcast, YT videos etc. We want to narrow in on the live streamers a bit this episode and discuss what happens after you press “End Broadcast”

Are you a streamer? If yes, what happens to your stream content once you’re offline?

Do you use the VOD for the streaming platform you use to create clips or highlights?

Are you a content creator? What happens after you post a video?
What do you do to promote your content outside of the platform that you stream or post content to?

In this podcast we discuss the importance of reviewing your content, creating clips, exporting and sharing clips across multiple platforms as well as having an anchor site/ home for your content. In short, how to market your gaming live-streams so your can grow Twitch, Youtube, or Mixer audience.

Channel Trailers:

We introduce a focused and effective way to market yourself as a gaming content creator via the Channel Trailers on YouTube. Not sure how to go about making one? No worries, we’ve got you covered: Channel Trailer Tutorial

In your trailer, let us know a little bit about yourself and the games you like to play. Some creators strictly upload life simulation videos, other FPS and some fgc. If you are a variety streamer, state the types of games you mostly like to upload. Puzzles, RPG adventure – don’t limit yourself – stunt a lil. Make sure to use the hashtag #TMShare in the description box of your channel trailer so we can easily find it and share.


Cross Platform Name Checking: NameChecker

The awesome content creator we shouted out in this episode is none other than the awesome, @missdoitbig – You can find her on Twitch | YouTube

Seek3r will be at BlerdConDC at the end of the month repping with the awesome ladies of #BlackGirlGamers for our second panel on Creating a Safe Space for BW in Gaming. For more info, keep an eye on the BGG Twitter Account.

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Thumbstick Mafia Podcast Season 2 Episode 3 – Diversify Your Platforms + Twitch Affiliate Program

#TMPOD is byke and we’re finishing off our Diversify your Platforms mini series. If you didn’t catch part 1 of this series, then make sure you listen here. In Episode 2 we covered Twitch, Youtube Gaming, Beam and Facebook Live. This episode we talk a bit about a few more options for you; Ustream, Hitbox, YouNow and MobCrush.

What are the best live-stream websites for video games?

Ustream is still around? We talk about our first introduction to Ustream and how Ustream has rebranded itself to focus more on providing livestream services for businesses with their Ustream Pro service.

Hitbox has been acquired by and we’re excited –’s esports background will likely bring big changes the culture and dynamic of the platform. In addition to this new change, we talk about Hitbox guidelines for getting a sub button.

YouNow is fairly new to the livestream industry. Sharky first noticed YouNow because a couple of Youtuber’s she follows uses YouNow to live-stream. YouNow has a feature that allows streamers to co-stream with each other.

Going to a smaller, unknown platform means you will have to work harder to grow your audience.
Using Restream to stream on multiple platforms and why you should take advantage of that.

Mobcrush, the game live-streaming site that focuses on mobile game live-streaming. We explain the slight differences in the culture between MobCrush and sites like Twitch and Youtube Gaming.

In the second half of the episode we touch on the major points of the Twitch Affiliate Program.
Twitch just launched the affiliate program for non-partnered streamers this past week. We have been patiently waiting for Twitch to introduce a program that will allow smaller, non-partnered streamers to monetize their content. Shockingly, Seek3r was invited to join the affiliate program even though she just got back into streaming. With the excitement, we try to break down the pros and cons of joining.
What are the requirements for the Twitch affiliate program?

Twitch’s Live Content Exclusivity period for their affiliate program. How we interpreted the clause based on the words used and is this necessary? Also, should you sign-up for the affiliate program? In addition, what are the differences between a Twitch Affiliate and a Partner? #TwitchAffiliate
How the gamification of tips can turn around and bite us in the butt? Speaking of, a wife discovered that her husband spent their entire savings on Twitch donations. 38K ya’ll.

If you signed up for Twitch’s affiliate program, why you should consider supplementing your revenue stream with Streamlabs, Gamewisp, Patreon and possibly Square Cash if you are running as a business.

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Thumbstick Mafia Podcast Season 2 Episode 1 – All About Your Coins

#TMPod is back for Season 2! We’ve definitely missed ya’ll so we kick off the first episode by discussing Content Creation and Revenue Sharing because what better way to show we love you by helping you get your coins together?

The back end game is changing and Sharkyshood the prophet has us covered with the break down as usual.

We discuss the changing rules for the industry for content creators and discuss it from the developer’s point of view with Persona 5’s press release and YouTube’s continued updates and changes in their effort to work with sponsors and continue to grow their overall brand and company and how it impacts content creators.

#TMPod tag is still the official hashtag for the show! If you have comments, questions, would like to suggest a guest or a topic – please use the hashtag so we can keep track or you can email us:

View story at
Sharkyshood Living Single Intro: ttp://

Thumbstick Mafia Podcast Episode 8 – Thumbstick Holiday!

Start the Holiday Season right with the ladies of Thumbstick Mafia!

Thumbstick Mafia Podcast Episode 7 – Junae Benne


Sharky and Seekr are joined by Junae Benne to talk about her origin story, streaming, anime, and of course Beyonce. Junae Benne is one our most recent Thumbstick Mafia Spotlight – she’s an avid gamer, natural hair advocate and all around content creator. She’s manages her own site, stream and is a contributor to BGN etc

Junae’s Info is in the spotlight link:

Contact: Sharky
Twitter: @sharkyshood

Contact: Seeker
Twitter: @chasinglux

Contact: Junae Benne
Twitter: @junaebenne

Thumbstick Mafia Podcast Episode 5 – Black Renaissance


Sharky and Seeker are back! We’re on Episode 5 ya’ll, can you believe it?! On this episode we talk our first impressions of Mafia III, The Park playthrough and the possible Red Dead Redemption teaser. We also touch on the idea of respectability politics in Luke Cage and start building our Halloween Movie List!

Don’t forget to send your Halloween Movie Suggestions and your Mafia III, clips to us via the #TMPod hashtag and don’t forget to give us a review on Stitcher and iTunes

Not on Netflix – Build your Halloween Movie playlist
Hocus Pocus
Monster House
Nightmare on Elm Street
Harry Potter Movies (All of them, yes)
Resident Evil
Jeepers Creepers
Saw 3

Contact: Sharky
Twitter: @sharkyshood

Contact: Seeker
Twitter: @asiaelle

Thumbstick Mafia Podcast Episode 4 – Get Your Black On


Sharky and Seeker are back; we discuss dudebros getting mad, Twitch Prime, Upcoming Games and what we’ve enjoyed this week!

Articles Discussed:
DudeBros Mad:
Twitch Upload:
Twitch Prime:
October Game Release Schedule:

Contact: Sharky
Twitter: @sharkyshood

Contact: Seeker
Twitter: @asiaelle

Thumbstick Mafia Podcast Ep 3 – Sharky And The Sims

Sharky and Seeker discuss the Sims,, Diversity, Destiny Rise of Iron, Our Netflix Recommendations and more! Please use the hashtag #TMPod

Sharky’s Links:
Sharkyshood: Cider Rules Play List

Sharkyshood: Sim Mod Thread

Seeker’s Links:

Destiny: Rise of Iron

Contact: Sharky
Twitter: @sharkyshood

Contact: Seeker
Twitter: @asiaelle

Thumbstick Mafia Podcast Ep 2 – Versus The Industry

The crew is back with our Special Guest – Simply Undrea; she’s a Brand and Community Manager as well as Content Creator and Steamer and has been featured on !!

Our full round table this episode is:

Sharkyshood: //
Supadupacurl: //
Simply Undrea: //
Seeker: //

This episode we talk Overwatch, Rise of Iron, No Man’s Sky and More:
– What Blizzard got right, What most gaming developers get wrong
– Expectations versus reality of buying games
– What good customer service looks like in the industry
– That’s that shit we don’t like – Segment
– Netflix Recommendations

Thumbstick Mafia Ep 1 – The Discourse


On the first official Thumbstick Mafia Podcast, I’m joined by fellow gamers and TM cornerstones: (Sharky Streamer and Content Creator )
@supadupacurl Content Creator and Streamer as well founder of the Black Girl Gamers FB Group

We discuss what to expect from TMP, representation behind the scenes, Tommen’s fall from grace, recent changes on twitch #BlackLivesMatter and share a few laughs.

Twitter: @sharkyshood
TM Spotlight – Sharkyshood

Twitter: @supadupacurl
TM Spotlight: SupaDupaCurl