Rolling 12s – Trading Races feat. Kenyatta Forbes

Trading Races is a tongue-in-cheek card game where players debate the blackness of various historical figures and pop culture icons. This episode we chat with its creator, Kenyatta Forbes, about the game and what she sees for it going forward.

Rolling12s is a black tabletop gaming podcast. A combination of improv and original fiction, Rolling 12s works to tell the kind of fun, branching stories only teamwork and chance can create. Whether it’s a bumbling pair trying to pull off the “perfect” heist or a group of black vampires trying to survive the night; Rolling 12s is about creators of color telling new stories in a classic medium.

Knowing black tabletop rpgs are few and far between, Rolling 12s works to fill that void. By inviting content creators of color to try something new or reconnect to an old hobby,  

From Vers, a freestyle rap battle game, to Fiasco, an adventure gone wrong, we highlight players and creators color creating their own stories.

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Trading Races